Pain Management Course

Stay on top of a constantly growing and evolving body of medical knowledge to provide quality care to patients.

No. of Modules: 10

Course Duration: 10 Hours

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Course Validity: 26 February 2022 – 31 March 2024

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This online course is targeted at all healthcare providers with a particular interest in Pain Management to provide patient-centered care. The course has a total of 10 modules exploring various topics ranging from Ethical Issues in Pain Management, Safe Prescribing of Opioids, Complimentary/Non-Drug Pain Management, Pediatric Pain Management, Pain Assessment, Effective Approaches: Multidisciplinary Pain Management, Pediatric Pain Assessment, The Role of Palliative Care in Pain Management and The Human Rights Approach to Pain Relief
Pain Physiology and Pathophysiology.

Each module consists of 10 pre-test and post-test questions in a multiple-choice format and an educational video lecture having practical-based examples on the delivery of pain management care.

This course is CPD accredited by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council, the Clinical Officers' Council of Kenya, and the Nursing Council of Kenya.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a course completion e-Certificate which you'll be able to download from your end and earn 10 CPD points which will be credited to your account by Daktari Online. 

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Benefits for learners:
  •     Evidence-based latest clinical recommendations
  •     Continued professional development and learning
  •     E-Certificate awarded on successful completion of the course 
  •     Course Delivery: Online modular platform 
  •     CPD Accreditation: 10 CPD points provided by Daktari Online

Course Provider:                                         
   in collaboration with the PAIN SOCIETY OF KENYA.

Course Instructor(s)


1. Pain Physiology and Pathophysiology

2. Pain Assessment

3. Ethical Issues in Pain Management

4. Effective Approaches: Multidisciplinary Pain Management

5. Safe Prescribing of Opioids

6. Pediatric Pain Assessment

7. Pediatric Pain Management

8. Complimentary/Non Drug Pain Management

9. The Role of Palliative Care in Pain Management and The Human Rights Approach to Pain Relief

10. Lower Back Pain

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